Field Interviewer FAQs

Field Interviewers (FIs), sometimes called Field Representatives or Data Collectors, conduct in-person interviews with study participants, following strict project protocols. FIs are responsible for meeting production, data quality, and cost efficiency goals.

This depends based your project – some projects set their own wages while others use government set wages based on location.

This varies by project type. Depending on when respondents are available, you may work in the morning, afternoon, or evening. For example, education projects may have FIs work during school hours while household studies may have FIs work after 5pm when respondents are more likely to be home.
Field work varies both from project to project and data collection time frames. Normally, FI in-field requirements are separate from other administrative duties, such as weekly conference calls with your supervisor, time reporting, and project-related travel to working areas.
Most projects have a week-long in-person training prior to starting in-field work on your own. There may be online courses required before and/or after the in-person training.
The Field Interviewer position is great for people persons excited about community interaction, in-field action, and collecting data on important topics. Hours are variable and there’s no sitting at a desk from 9–5.